Become a Member

For Scientists and Engineers, highly talented in / around Modelica-based technologies, from all around the globe a membership at can be granted based on uniform conditions on any applicant.

General Conditions

In order to sustain a high-level of trust in, these conditions generally guarantee that a’s member is highly specialized in at least one of Modelica-based technologies. A road-map and guided supervision can be granted for those who are not specialized in such subjects.

Specific Conditions

To become a full member of, you need to achieve one of the following:

  • Succeed to publish a paper at a Modelica conference with being the affiliation
  • Succeed to publish a decent software in github website

It is highly encouraged that the paper or software come from your own idea. However, you can discuss with me if you need some inspiration.

Financial Support

Depending on the available resources, financial support could be provided.

Potential Candidates

  1. freelancers / independent contractors or
  2. employees from other organization willing to be engaged in short-term /  specific activities  beside their major duties      

who are primarily interested

  • at joint venture and collaborative developments and/or
  • in getting engaged in short-term or long-term Modelica-based projects

with their peers along projects that are collectively offered to

  • Members of
  • Partners of


Some Benefits of membership of are but not limited to    

  • A personal homepage & personal email address at
  • Advertisement for your (commercial) software
  • A network of mind-like talented peers who can get involved with (or assist) you in challenging and interesting projects  
  • Professional negotiation with the costumers on terms and engagement conditions
  • Infrastructure allowing a member to focus on the tasks and neglect the administration overhead
  • Supporting participation at Modelica conferences (if resources are available) 

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