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For scientists and engineers, highly talented in / around Modelica-based technologies, from all around the globe a membership at can be granted.

General Conditions

In order to sustain a high-level of trust in, these conditions generally guarantee that a member is specialized in at least one of Modelica-based technologies. Those who are not fulfilling the conditions will be given a road map for obtaining the membership.

Potential Candidates

  1. freelancers / independent contractors or
  2. employees from other organization willing to be engaged in short-term /  specific activities  beside their major duties      

who are primarily interested

  • at joint venture and collaborative developments and/or
  • in getting engaged in short-term or long-term Modelica-based projects

with their peers along projects that are collectively offered to

  • Members of
  • Partners of


Some Benefits of membership of are but not limited to    

  • A personal homepage & personal email address at
  • Advertisement for your (commercial) software
  • A network of mind-like talented peers who can get involved with (or assist) you in challenging and interesting projects  
  • Professional negotiation with the costumers on terms and engagement conditions
  • Infrastructure allowing a member to focus on the tasks and neglect the adminstration
  • Supporting participation at Modelica conferences (if funding is available) 

Terms & Conditions

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